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Poem: Perpetual Night

I’m suffocated by this black blanket This blanket of death It holds and it wraps Deprives of breath It gives no warmth nor comforting hold It feels merciless A calamitous cold But lo and behold I glimpse saintly stars A … Continue reading

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Poem To A Scholar

Sallam alaykum. Poem To A Scholar Wherever there is sun there are flowers Wherever there are trees there are birds Wherever there is love there are lovers Wherever there is laughter there is happiness Wherever there is darkness there is … Continue reading

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Poem: The Tasbi

Sallam alaykum. The beads of the tasbi Are the tears of the Sufi The ticking of the tasbi Is the heartbeat of the Sufi The fragrance of the tasbi Is the breath of the Sufi The string of the tasbi … Continue reading

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Poem: Just Enough

Just Enough Just enough religion to hate one another Not enough religion to love one another Just enough time to hate my brother Not enough time to embrace my other Just enough of a breath to curse my sister Not … Continue reading

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A Poem In Honour of Tony Blair!

Sallam alaykum. A mystery poet from the government has written the following poem. LOL! 🙂 Who could it be? Alan Duncan thinks it is John Hutton. At Downing Street upon the stair, I met a man who wasn’t Blair, He … Continue reading

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Poem: On The Misbaha

Your beads, smooth and strong Are the steps That are attached to the Rope of God Which lead to Him As each bead Passes my finger tips I know I am climbing higher and higher Each click of the wood … Continue reading

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The Sins Of Men

You are Al-Ghafur The Forgiver and Hider of Faults I beg you to hide my sins and weaknesses Like the night hides the brightness of day And envelopes it in darkness I know my heart is black And yet I … Continue reading

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