Poem: Perpetual Night

I’m suffocated by this black blanket
This blanket of death
It holds and it wraps
Deprives of breath

It gives no warmth
nor comforting hold
It feels merciless
A calamitous cold

But lo and behold
I glimpse saintly stars
A magnificent moon
that outshines by far

Intercede oh light
Call upon that divine Sun
to gift us a bright a dawn
I implore please don’t shun

Call to the majestic Sun
Call for it to rise
Free me from this pitiful plight
and take away this perpetual night
And let me embrace that glorious dawn
Of paradise

Adnan Tariq   25/08/2010

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3 Responses to Poem: Perpetual Night

  1. Asma says:

    MashAllah, Adnan! What a lovely poem – how well composed. Can we share?

  2. Adnan says:

    Sallams Asma. Jazakum’Allah khayrun and thank you.

    Ofcourse you may share.

  3. PHenthusiast says:

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