A Woman’s Place Is At Home!

Sallam alaykum.

I read this in the Indy, and was genuinely shocked!  What are your thoughts?

The gender equality fight in Britain has already peaked, with greater numbers of people convinced that a woman’s place is in the home, according to new research published today.

A study of both male and female attitudes towards women in the workplace over the past 30 years has revealed “mounting concern” that female employees who successfully pursue a career are doing so at the expense of family life.

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2 Responses to A Woman’s Place Is At Home!

  1. Pepe says:

    i agree, i was brought up in a family where both my parents worked full time as far back as i remember. and basically my parents gave me the “what not to do, if you plan on having kids” manual.

    if you want kids go part time work, if you want a career(aka full time work) don’t have kids. having children isn’t a right, its a responsibility.

  2. Adnan says:

    I think it also helps whether you have close family living near by as well, who are willing to take care of the kids. Personally, I think you can still have kids and still aspire for a full time career. However, there are some jobs that require a lot of determination and commitment, including doctors and surgeons, therefore it might be detrimental to family life.

    But, at the end of the day, everyone is different. If you can balance a full time career and a family at the same time, then go for it!

    Thanks for coming Pepe 🙂 Nice name btw.

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