BBC: Hospitality In a Suspicious World

Sallam alaykum.

From the BBC News website.

Hospitality in a suspicious world

Working as a Westerner in the Muslim world has been complicated by the conflicts of recent years but BBC correspondent Kate Clark who has worked in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza still finds delight in the hospitality and kindness of strangers.

The taxi driver was calling me back. It was late at night in Irbil, and there was a problem with the fare.

A taxi driver in Irbil, northern Iraq

Sometimes it is the taxi driver who wants to keep down the fare

We had spent the half hour journey chatting. He told me he was struggling to bring up a young family on a low income and with soaring inflation.

“Rent,” he said, “had gone up five-fold and petrol prices 20-fold since 2003.”

So I paid him a bit extra. He called me back to argue over the money because he thought I had paid him too much.

Read the full article here.

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