Ramadan Reflections: A Conversation

O what joy it is to see you again

Our friend, teacher and guide

Come, set our souls aflame

Let our bodies glow

Open the windows of heaven

Let the sweet aroma engulf our senses

Let our tongues be quenched from the thirst of dhikr

Fill our empty stomachs with the love of al-Khaliq

Let our eyes overflow with the yearning of His forgiveness and mercy

Open the doors at each side of our heads

So that the brain can hear Qur’anic invocations and salawat

and become stronger

Let the duff, that pumps blood around our bodies,

continue its rhythm of praise

Help us to spin a cocoon of prayer

So that we can one day 

sprout wings of true belief

And fly to our Lord

to become closer to Him

Take away the anchor of Dunya

So that we can drift to Him easily

Ultimately, leave us in a state of Taqwa

© By  Adnan Tariq   28/09/2007

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1 Response to Ramadan Reflections: A Conversation

  1. d says:

    asalaamu alaykum akhi,
    this is the poem i was talking to you about the otherday. i saw it awhile ago but didn’t leave a comment. i thought it was verry good and thought provoking.
    asalaamu alaykum

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