New Video by Sami Yusuf: Asma’u Allah فيديو كليب سامي يوسف – أسماء الله

Sallam alaykum (peace)

Below is the new video by Sami Yusuf.  Enjoy 🙂

With thanks to Hahmed

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39 Responses to New Video by Sami Yusuf: Asma’u Allah فيديو كليب سامي يوسف – أسماء الله

  1. Farah says:

    it’s a good song,and I like so much this muslim singer,he’s the best for ever,ans I hope for him a nice life and a good luck

  2. ilyes says:

    Haut la main sami yusuf vraiment bravo tu nous a fais caresser les âmes le mois de ramadan avec ce clip qui contiens tan de sensibilité et tan de dévotion que dieu vous aide vous étés un excellant exemple pour les artistes musulmans

  3. sihem says:

    j’adore trop sa mi yusuf que dieu le protege

  4. amal says:

    assalam oualaykoum
    j aime sami youssef et je regarde ses nauveaux et vraiment bravo a vous et je vous souhaites une plaine vie de bonheure et aliman et bon chance a vious et ne ralacher pas car tu es le meilheure et bon chance

  5. layla says:

    helloooo!!it is the greatest song i’ve ever heared of course because of ur voice sami and because of using the names of god of course and we’ll always nsali 3ala mou7ammad (salla allhou 3leyhii wa sallam).
    i like to hear ur voice always !all ur songs are great but this the greatest !!keep going and don’t listen to people who tells u to stop(u know what i mean).
    hope to hear new songs and ur voice again…

  6. sihem says:

    saha 3idkoum pour le tous les musulmant

  7. sihem says:

    saha 3idkoum pour tous le peuple musulamant

  8. kenza says:

    salut samy je veux dir que toi tu es formidable et tes shansons aussi waw bravo bravo bravo !!!!

  9. hakima says:

    je veux vraiment dire mille felicitation a sami yusuf pour cette chanson tbarkallah 3lik et rabi yhafdak

  10. farah says:

    bravoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sami pour cette chanson

  11. samy says:

    salut samy vraiment té magnifique…j’attend avec patience ton
    nouveau album.

  12. jamal says:

    je veux vraiment dire mille felicitation a sami yusuf pour cette chanson sait jamal de kasba tadla bon travail

  13. hala says:

    i’m foufa the sister of hala you are my best singer at all your lat song ASMAU ALLAH is magnefic congratulation i wish all the best rabi youwafikoka

  14. okba says:

    tu chante bien sami surtou “asma’u allah”

  15. othmane says:

    im like peoples blive allah and mohamed sala allah 3alyhe wassalama; and i hope they’r send islam message to other peoples in world .

  16. nermine says:

    j’aime sami yussef et vraiment je le sent quand quand il chante ses paroles rentrent directement dans mon coeur bon courage

  17. meriem says:

    asalamo 3alaykom,vraiment j’ai rien à dire………………..

  18. hicham says:

    salamo3alikom hada ahad aham 9owa li omatina natamana lmazid yarb amin man3nd sami

  19. sara says:

    j’aime bien les chonsons de sami yusef bravooooooooooooooooooooo

  20. reda says:

    salut ca va moi reda toi c’est un homme gentil

  21. reda says:

    est que ca va

  22. hafsa says:

    salamou3alaika ya sami anta ha9an rai3e atamana laka hayatan maliatan bitaoufi9i wa najahi

  23. radouane says:

    merci yusuf voor alls

  24. soumia says:

    ana ohibiu sami yusuf aktar min nasfsi ana fa9dtou koule chaye min ajlih lakin hwa moutazawija sadalou daiman ouhibouh lan atzawj toula hayati liani ohobouhhhhhhhhhh

  25. soumia says:

    ya nasse ifhamouni ana ouhibou sami yusuf aktare min aye chaye bamoute fihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  26. kebir_nour says:

    يعرف الاناشيد الدينية برك الله فيه

  27. AhmedH says:

    Thanks to everyone who participated in making this beautiful piece of art , when I saw all these variety of Muslims in few minutes I felt that I miss those people a lot , my brothers and sisters all over the world , it just brought my tears down …

  28. الله يحمي هذا الصوت

  29. ahmed says:

    salam 3laik a5i

  30. ahmed says:

    salam 3alaikom i5wani

  31. AMINA says:

    i’m from algeria and i love you so much and love all the thinks you do you’re the best of the best…

  32. fifi says:

    baraka allah fik

  33. fifi says:

    wa atamanna laka assa3ada

  34. ana says:

    قمة و beaucoup classe اعطاك الله الصحة و العافية

  35. ana encore says:

    .الله اكبر يا ربي اعنه واحميه وسدد خطاه

  36. ninar says:

    I’m speachless .. sami yusuf is the best ever .. I wish I could sing with him

  37. hassan says:

    ifeel happy when i l’ve listenned to his song entitled( father and son )i wondered that sami will be muslim and then my dream comes true.i give my regards to you sami yussef

  38. sumayya says:

    Mashaallah . i listen to the song everyday. i love you Sami !!!!!

  39. soukayna says:


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