M.E. Petition

Sallam Alaykum (peace upon you)

Below is an email i received.  Please have a read.

Those with M.E, associated with M.E and/or know of someone with M.E, are all to aware that awareness needs to be raised of this terrible illness for the purposes

of gaining more research to find out why 0.2% – 0.4% of the population in the UK are disabled with it. Not to mention those who are suffering without a

            diagnosis and those who are heading for ME and the crash which stops all one’s plans and ambitions and independance for no known reason.


This illness is:

Exhaustion after doing the smallest thing which means:

Having to lie flat in a dark room and in silence after

List of 4 items

• a telephone conversation.

• having someone in for a cup of coffee

• after peeling a potato

• after sitting at the computer for 15 minutes or less

list end


The period of rest can be from one hour to 2 or 3 days to years before the individual feels better to do one more simple task before having to collapse



The illness may also involve:

List of 18 items

• muscle aches and pains

• sleeplessness

• restlessness

• inability to concentrate

• inability to finish a task

• heart palpitations

• food allergies

• inability to think straight

• inability to absorb information

• inability to make a simple decision

• swollen glands

• flu-like feelings

• headaches

• sensitivity to bright lights

• unable to walk

• breaking out into sweats after the slightest effort

• indigestion

• very shallow breathing

list end


The list goes on and is not exclusive.


The irony with this illness is that most people with ME look fairly well!!


If you know someone with CFS/ME drop them a card (an email is better) to say Hi. They are isolated and lonely sometimes and cannot do anything about it.

Do not expect a reply.


And speak about it to others and everyone and get the message across: ‘Approximately 181,827 people in the UK are suffering silently behind closed doors

and no-one knows why. Some GPs even now tell patients with this illness that they are malingerers. There are no real treatments or medications to help

or cure the symptoms. The symptoms can be so severe you feel like you are dying. Why isn’t the government doing more to understand and help those suffering?’


I think this is a catastrophe about to happen and something needs to be done, now. What would happen to the nation if one in ten people couldn’t work? Well

it is about one in every 300 people at the moment and I think getting worse.


Some people are actually dieing as there m.e so isolates them, renders them so utterly unable to look after themselves, and if one has an unsimperthetic G.P. one feels ashamed to keep telling the G.P. “I still feel so ill and tired, some times I even think I am going to die.” Needless to say, it takes energy to even get to the doctors surgery and yet more energy to then convince the G.p that one is not malingering. Energy that most M.e sufferers simply do not have.

Please click on:

M.E is real

and add your name to the e-petition. Thank you.


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