Why Do i Have to Prove My Britishness?

The Telegraph & Argus (Bradford) newspaper reported today that the MP for Shipley, Philip Davies, urged Muslims across the country to fly the Union Jack on mosques “to show their unity and commitment to Britain”.

 Mr Davies wants Muslim communities in Britain to adopt the measures, just as similar demands were made in Australia.

He is quoted in the T&A newspaper, stating that such methods would “publicly show everyone that those in the Muslim community are very keen to integrate and positively contribute to good community relations in the UK”.  He also says that, “If it is good enough for them to do it in Australia I do not see why it is not good enough for Muslims to do in Britain”. 

Well my first point would be to the minority of Muslims who could get very hot headed about this.  Acting like bulls when they see red!  This is not legislation.  It’s just an idea from a local, nationally unknown Conservative MP, who wants to get his name in the papers.  He may have seen Jack Straw MP, do something similar a while ago and may have thought that he would have a go.  It increased Jack’s image in the papers, so it might be the same for him! 

Seriously, let us argue this in a rational and calm manner. 

So then, he wants mosques to fly the flag to show that Muslims are loyal and patriotic towards this country.  Yeah why not?  However, I, like many other people do not feel that I should have to prove to people like Mr Davies, my patriotism.  I can do that without waving a flag or wearing a badge.  Secondly, why did he suggest mosques?  Why not Hindu temples, Sikh temples, Synagogues and churches?  Thirdly, he points out that if it’s good for Australia then why not for us?  Well, Australia has made voting in elections compulsory.  So why not do it here in Britain?  Some would argue it would strengthen democracy.  Voting turn out at election times has dwindled in the years, so compulsory voting could be an option.  I mean if it’s good for Australia, then it could be good for us. 

I can understand Mr Davies’ concerns about the Muslim community not showing enough loyalty to Britain.  I have seen it myself.  But let us teach people more about Britain, rather than force them to acknowledge it’s flag.  For if they are taught the history, culture and values of Britain, then I am sure their patriotism will increase. 

As one of the contributors to the article rightly points out, mosques are places for spirituality, not politics. 

If Mr Davies needs convincing of my patriotism to this wonderful country, then I invite him to speak to me over a cup of Earl Grey.

You can read the article by clicking here.

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2 Responses to Why Do i Have to Prove My Britishness?

  1. d says:

    Al-salaamo wa alaykum
    I am supprised that no one wrote any comment when you wrote this. You know most of the time, when a group of people has a fear or a dislike for another group of people, it is more likely than not due to ignarants. Often born out of the fact that they feel threatened, as they have no idea what, in this case, muslims, are up to, how powerful they could be, what their intentions are, and what they do in the Mosques and so on. I am sure it doesn’t take much brains to figure out that therefore, the only solution, or if I am wrong, then it is certainly a step in the right direction, is surely communication. Now how this person expects people to want to communicate with him, when he proposes flying the flag etc is really beyond me. Another thing that always puzzzles me is why these people think only of the flying of the flag, when it comes to patriotism. You can change peoples actions, but you can never be in charge of what they really think and believe, and if this mp really believes he and others can, then we should all be scared, because the country is in the hands of people who are more deluded than I had previously thought.. I mean if we really pander to the things such people propose then we may as well hand it all over, and become a dictatorship, I mean we’re allreddy half way there… If that did happen, my betting would be on people like Davies being the first ones legging it out of the country… My friend told me that wen he came here from Irac, he had to pledge allegance to the Queen, well I was born here, and have never been asked to do so, and never wish to do so either, but if it was a matter of life and death, and I did pledge my elegents, so what, it wouldn’t actually mean that I would have meant what I had just said, and It wouldn’t change what beliefs I really have inside my mind. We could go on and on about such things, but that will never make a difference, I guess all we can do, is keep up communication as much as is possible, like with non believing friends and so on, and make sure we never become unknowing of what is going on politically, and make sure we always vote!

    Oh and one other thing… people like Davies, need to stop having the idea that muslims, are some strange foreigners who all flocked over here, and want to invade, and practice strange cultural oppression and so on. He needs to understand, that some people who’s families have been british for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, revert to islam. I am not saying islam doesn’t have issues, it does, and some of it’s people really must wake up and endeavour to sort out some of the issues, but flying of flags, and removing garments and the like will not solve anything. I agree with what you said about history education and things, I think causing people to be aware of one identity, be it English or british, could heal some rifs in the classroom, and work p lace etc.

    Take careMasalaama

  2. bloonsterific says:

    Just wanted to tell you all know how much I appreciate your postings guys.
    Found you though google!

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