Remember God

As rain drops fall, moistening soil

A worm slithers up to the surface to drink

She thanks her creator

As rain drops fall, moistening an apple tree’s roots

It sighs in appreciation, as it has been a long time since he quenched his thirst

He thanks his creator

As leaves begin to fall, and nights become shorter

An army of red wood trees begin to rest in slumber

They thank their creator

As nights become colder

A small hedgehog curls up to sleep

She thanks her creator

As the sun begins to shine, causing days to become longer

A flower opens up its many arms

To welcome light

He thanks his creator

A honey bee flies by, and sees a welcoming flower

He flutters down and takes the pollen, which will create sweet honey for his queen

He thanks his creator

An anxious mother sits in her nest

Waiting for her eggs to hatch


Three small furry heads appear out of their shells

She cries with joy, “THANK YOU OH MY CREATOR!”

A man accidentally crashes his car

He walks out unhurt and stares at the damage

He thanks his insurance company…

© Adnan Tariq 16/02/2007

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5 Responses to Remember God

  1. jen says:

    I like you poetry, it is very exotic

  2. Adnan, salaama… Yes, writing without concern for rhyming can free us up to look for what is really poetic, really meaningful and can be caught in a few strong words, without the sometimes jingly-jangly of keeping in mind the need to rhyme… (not to diss rhyming, mind you…). This is a wonderful poem… with a punch line! The punch line is a shocker, after such Blakean images, which you feel from inside, empathetically, so beautifully. Bravo.
    And al-hamdulillah!

  3. adnant says:

    Thank you to you both 🙂 I really appreciate it.

  4. d says:

    Asalaamo waalaicum,
    Well I really liked this poem! It was really quite thought provoking al-humdulillah

  5. Tauseef Anwar says:

    salaam adnan bro
    nice poem but i laughed soooo much when i read bwt the man who had a car crash and thanked his insaurance company lol

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