The Youth

The youth of today

Are like sheep being led astray

They are concerned with attracting the opposite sex

Showing off in fast cars and

Hanging out in clubs and trendy wine bars

This is not the way Rasulullah told us to live our lives

He taught us to be good and respect our wives

I urge those brothers and sisters indulging in such activity

Please refrain shaytaan is in close proximity

For the Muslim and Muslima will devote their time in pleasing Allah

Remember Allah the almighty at all times for it will prevent you committing crimes

Whenever you feel the temptation

Don’t give into the sensation

Right up until the day you die

It’s never too late to try

Just make a knot in your heart

Then you and your creator

Will never be too far apart

© By Atif Rafiq and Daniela Zysemil 02/02/2007

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