End Of The Road

It was ten years ago when John Major MP, was booted out of the door of Number 10, by the electorate, and a new, bright faced and smiling, Tony Blair MP, was ushered into his new home.  He was now PM.  D:REAM’s song, ‘Things can only get better’ played in the background as Mr Blair and his wife, Cherie Booth QC, shook the hands of their adoring fans.  Now D:REAM’s song seems to be skipping like a scratched CD, and a new song plays now.  ‘Leave, Get Out’ by the American teenager, JoJo.  Ten years seem to have flown by since Mr Blair first walked onto stage, proclaiming three policies he wanted to tackle.  “Education, Education, Education”.  He loves catchy slogans, and so do we!  Now people seem to be getting tired of his act and are not calling ‘encore!’, but in fact are booing and hissing.  It seems they have ran out of roses to throw at him.  Obesity has risen in Britain these last ten years, so the crowd decide to throw their fresh vegetables and fruits at him! They shout “he’s behind you Mr Blair!”, because Gordon Brown is slowly walking behind him with an umbrella, hoping to yank Mr Blair off stage with the curved end of it, and then take his ‘rightful’ throne.  

The years have flown by since Mr Blair took office.  His ‘home’ polices have been great.  Introducing the minimum wage, building more schools and so on… But let’s face it.  He is not going to be remembered for these policies, but in fact his foreign policy and ‘The War of Terror’.  In the future, when we hear the name Tony Blair, we will think of mutilated bodies in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon.  We will think of the love affair he had with America.  Cabinet members who can’t control their sexual urges.  The ‘cash for honours’ scandal.  And a botched up Home Office that looks as if it is run by cowboys.  It’s jinxed!  How many more days will be it for John Reid to step out of the door?  Not many i think.  And oh yes, how could i forget?  How the heck could he have chosen Margeret Beckett as foreign secretary, and demote Jack Straw to Leader of the Commons? Apparently Mr Straw wanted to become Leader of the Commons.  Yeah right!  I mean he would love to leave such a high ranking and well paid job to become Leader of the Commons!  I am not convinced and nor are many other people.  I think we all knew Mr Blair made a mistake when even after a public outcry to call for a ceasefire in Lebanon, Beckett refused to call for it.  Big mistake! and she knows it. 

Well, the end is nigh for Mr Blair.  History will decide on how he dealt with things.  Mr Brown aswell as the public are eagerly ticking the days down from their calendars untill Mr Blair’s departure.  Not long to go…

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7 Responses to End Of The Road

  1. Tauseef says:

    well adnan iv read it now uv got a very gd point here but there is a question…..when is blair leaveing?

  2. Adnan says:

    Well i am not Mr Blair’s secretary nor am i close to him, so your guess is as good as mine 🙂

  3. d says:

    So you won’t be voteing labour then?… 🙂 and that song wasn’t by take that was it? 🙂
    This government inherited a big mess when it came in to power, but unfortunately it has just created another big mess for the next government to inherit! Lets hope labour don’t get in again but is there anyone better, sigh sigh sigh ….*-)

  4. Adnan says:

    I’m a floating voter, so who knows? 🙂 And the song was by D:REAM. My mistake 🙂

  5. d says:

    whats a floteing voter?

  6. J T Hawks says:

    Actually “Mr Tariq” the song was by a group called D:REAM.

  7. adnant says:

    Yes thank you Mr J T Hawks, i did some research and i found myself to be mistaken 🙂

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