Labbaik Allah!

Labbaik Allah humma labbaik!

Bellows from their souls’

Dressed in white garments

Praying that their hearts’ shall be as white

Calling to Allah

I am here!”

Their eyes drenched with tears

Hoping that past sins shall flow away as easily

Surely their lord shall hear their pleas

He is closer to the Earth on the day of Arafah

Hands are raised to the heavens

Begging for mercy

Eyes sore from crying constantly

Mouths’ dry from praying repeatedly

Labbaik Allah humma labbaik!

Echoing, as if the mountains are repeating

Thousands upon thousands of souls chanting and praying

I envy them

For they have received the blessed invitation

Whereas I have not

God willing my day will come

But do I deserve it?

For that woman standing on the hill

Calling to Allah to forgive her sins

Begging for his infinite mercy

It seems her prayers have been answered

For mercy starts raining upon her

© Adnan Tariq 06/01/2007

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3 Responses to Labbaik Allah!

  1. BILLY says:

    Listen Adnan, if u wanna go to Hajj, jus say so, ill book u a good package with my dad’s Haajj group so u can easily save enough money…Then u can get all the mercy u want!!!

  2. adnant says:

    Yes Insha Allah, i might just do that.

  3. d says:

    Asalaamo waalaicum another fantastic poem, really enjoyed reading this one! keep writeing!

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