Sheikhs-The Radiators of Knowledge

Oh how they sit, in front of many opened eyes and ears

The fillers of many wells of minds

Their luminous words can bring you to tears

Their faces are illuminated by the noor of Allah subhaana wata a’la

Bright and blinding

The blackened hearts of humans they are lighting


Halting the dividing Of the Ummah

Of Rasoolullah (peace be upon him

Subhaan Allah!

May our lord shower his infinite blessings

On these men and women

Who accept no shilling 

For their teaching

They hold the beacon

Of Allah subhaana wata a’la

And Rasoolullah (peace be upon him)

Ahadeeth and Qur’aan by heart they learn

A straight path they turn

A strict and guided life they lead

Insha Allah we can be like them I plead

The wicked words of shaytaan, I pray people take no heed

They are the gardeners of Islam

In our hearts they plant the knowledge and Imaan seed Teaching us to help root

The Imaan fruit

For the guided shall be the intercessors on the Day of Reckoning

When the good shall be separated from the sinning

The Mu’mins shall enter Jannat

And the sinners shall enter Jahannum

I pray Allah subhaana wata a’la continues

To bless our lives with the guided

For they help build bridges of the divided

They are the ones who give us advice

To stay firm and true when in plight

To keep Allah subhaana wata a’la always in sight


© Adnan Tariq 04/01/2007




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4 Responses to Sheikhs-The Radiators of Knowledge

  1. BILLY says:

    i know ur talking about me in this poem Adnan!!!

  2. waqas says:

    masha allah

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