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End Of The Road

It was ten years ago when John Major MP, was booted out of the door of Number 10, by the electorate, and a new, bright faced and smiling, Tony Blair MP, was ushered into his new home.  He was now PM.  D:REAM’s … Continue reading

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The Calling

Whenever one hears shaytaan calling Seek refuge in Allah For Allah is almighty And will safeguard you from calamity Turn to him in your hour of need For He will protect you from the evil deed You must fight and … Continue reading

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Taste the Fruit

Oh blessed tree Allah created you in perfection You stand so majestically For indeed your roots Helped blossom many fruits One by the name of Al-Ghazali Another named Imam Busiri Never should i forget Imam Bukhari Nor Imam Nawawi Alas, … Continue reading

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Call of The Cockerel

As the men sleep in their cradles They awake by the call of the cockerel “Oh let harm be upon that cockerel!” Their tongues utter For why should harm be upon that poor cockerel? It is only practising Allah’s bidding To … Continue reading

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Labbaik Allah!

Labbaik Allah humma labbaik! Bellows from their souls’ Dressed in white garments Praying that their hearts’ shall be as white Calling to Allah “I am here!” Their eyes drenched with tears Hoping that past sins shall flow away as easily … Continue reading

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Sheikhs-The Radiators of Knowledge

Oh how they sit, in front of many opened eyes and ears The fillers of many wells of minds Their luminous words can bring you to tears Their faces are illuminated by the noor of Allah subhaana wata a’la Bright … Continue reading

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Assallamu Alaikum, Peace! This is my new blog. I will start posting soon God willing. Wassallaams, Adnan

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