New Beginnings

Spring echoes a sign of new life and new beginnings, after a dormant winter of scarce vegetation and of hibernation.

So too this blog has been in hibernation.  Part of this is because I felt I had run out of ideas.  Admittedly I never really had a clear direction what this blog aimed to be.  One month I would post a poem and the next the latest nasheed video.  I blogged for the sake of blogging.  It had no clear meaning.  I think it confused those who followed this site, aswell as myself!

Therefore I feel now I know what direction this site is going to take.  Quality and not quantity is going to be key.  I may not post for weeks or months, but God willing when I do post something, it will be beneficial.  Most of what I will post will be poetry and articles by myself or others.  I hope you like them.

Thank you 🙂

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Poem: Perpetual Night

I’m suffocated by this black blanket
This blanket of death
It holds and it wraps
Deprives of breath

It gives no warmth
nor comforting hold
It feels merciless
A calamitous cold

But lo and behold
I glimpse saintly stars
A magnificent moon
that outshines by far

Intercede oh light
Call upon that divine Sun
to gift us a bright a dawn
I implore please don’t shun

Call to the majestic Sun
Call for it to rise
Free me from this pitiful plight
and take away this perpetual night
And let me embrace that glorious dawn
Of paradise

Adnan Tariq   25/08/2010

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Imam Al-Haddad On Fasting

Sallam alaykum.

Imam Al-Haddad on fasting.

Taught by Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed.

To listen to the recording please click here.

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Poem To A Scholar

Sallam alaykum.

Poem To A Scholar

Wherever there is sun
there are flowers

Wherever there are trees
there are birds

Wherever there is love
there are lovers

Wherever there is laughter
there is happiness

Wherever there is darkness
there is light

Wherever there is prayer
there is consciousness

Wherever there is dhikr
there are Angels

Wherever there is mercy
there is Allah

Wherever there is water
there is life

And wherever you are
there are students

© Adnan Tariq 26/07/2009

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HU Books

Sallam alaykum.

HU Books is an excellent new online bookstore.  There is so much on offer, you might be stuck on what to buy! 🙂

They stock books from a wide range of subjects, such as art and history.

I’ve ordered from these guys, and I can assure you their service is brilliant.  Quick delivery also masha’Allah.

May Allah reward them all for their efforts.  Amin.

Click the image above to visit their site.  Otherwise click here.

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Words of Wisdom: Rumi

Sallam alaykum.

Open the window in the center of your chest,
and let spirit fly in and out..

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Abu Zahra Foundation Presents: The Way Forward: A Community Forum

Sallam alaykum.

Abu Zahra Foundation

invites you to


Following on from the successful opening forum, this is another opportunity for us to convene. Many issues and areas for community action were raised in the previous forum, therefore, the purpose of this meeting will be to discuss the aims and objectives and set out a timetable for action. In light of this we would like you to consider the following matters in advance:

  • aims and objectives of the forum
  • how should the forum be structured?
  • how should objectives be met?
  • frequency of meetings
  • any other matters
Shaykh Idris Watts
Azhar Hussain

Saturday 18th April 2009

Victoria Primary School
Cartmel Rd
BD21 2RD

Buffet meal and refreshments provided.

Limited spaces – Attendance via booking only. Please book to confirm your attendance even if you attended the previous forum.

To book your place please contact us on

t: 07506 724582

Abu Zahra Foundation

Located in Keighley, a small northern England town, Abu Zahra Foundation was founded in June 2001 to convey the fundamental and intermediate Islamic Sciences, in accordance with the Prophetic example in a way that is relevant to Muslims living in the West.

The Foundation runs a unique part-time madrasa for children teaching the Qur’an and other foundational Islamic Sciences. It has organised one-day intensives and short courses on various subjects, and facilitated public lectures from some of the finest scholars in the West.  Our resident scholars have also spoken at many conferences and taught at din-intensives up and down the country.  Other initiatives have included working with schools offering workshops on the basic tenets of Islam, Public Lecture Series, Outdoor Activities Programme, Healthy Lifestyle Programme, Day Excursions and Sports.

Members of the Foundation have also reached out to the non-Muslim community through the media and Inter-faith forums. We are committed to fostering community cohesion and dialogue with other faith communities.

Shaykh Idris Watts

Born and raised in Kent, Muhammad Idris Watts accepted Islam in 1998 in the first year of his Arabic Language Degree at the University of Leeds. Shaykh Idris graduated in 2002 from the University and moved to Fez to continue his religious studies. He attended classes at the Qarawiyeen University in the Old City for the next four years covering subjects such as Fiqh, Aqidah, Classical Arabic and Tajwid.

He returned to England in 2007, and recently took up the full-time post of Resident Scholar at the Abu Zahra Foundation.

Azhar Hussain

Azhar Hussain is an Executive Committee member of Abu Zahra Foundation. He graduated from the London School of Economics and is a qualified accountant working in Leeds. After spending a year studying Arabic at Qasid Institute, Jordan in 2003, he returned to continue his studies in the Religious Sciences privately with local teachers.

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